Our approach

We follow a step by step process to ensure that we're delivering the most impactful products for your organization.



Building the base of a successful partnership

We start with ensuring that T4SG is able to effectively tackle the needs of your organization. We scope the project appropriately such that our members are able to effectively execute on it over the semester and will tackle a need from your end.


Design Thinking

Making sure we're serving the end user

We start projects off with a design sprint, based on frameworks from IDEO and Google Ventures, to really understand the end users of our products to be able to effectively create a product that is suited to their needs.



Iteratively building the best product

We focus on using iterative development to build the product to ensure it aligns with your vision and can adapt to any evolving, on-the-ground situations. As the semester progresses, we transition from a basic MVP to a substantial product that makes an impact.



Ensuring a smooth transition

At the end of the semester, we ensure everything is in order with documentation and testing such that the handoff of the project can be as smooth as possible. We also cap it off with a final presentation so you can see how everything has progressed.

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