January 11 - January 22

Social Entrepreneurship Wintersession

Harvard Computer Society Tech for Social Good’s Wintersession program provides a unique opportunity for students to experience social entrepreneurship and pick up valuable skills for their future endeavors. Throughout this ‘boot camp’, students interested in being social entrepreneurs will walk through all the key processes behind starting a social impact venture. We'll invite a series of speakers and host our own workshops and exercises throughout this two-week program to educate, and prepare our participants. At the end of the program, we'll put together a panel of judges to evaluate our program participant's ideas. In teams of 4, they will take an idea from conception to prototype, with exclusive access to skill-focused workshops and exercises, talks with industry specialists, and an opportunity to pitch their ideas to other social entrepreneurs. Funds will support social entrepreneurship teams, full program socials, and prizes to further encourage groups to implement their social enterprise ideas.

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In the first few days, we’ll walk through need finding, user interviews, and cause area research to identify specific problems to tackle. Then, we’ll then ideate and create unique solutions to address those issues. Moving into the second week, we will learn how to prototype MVPs, build sustainable revenue models for our ideas, and lastly, prepare for a final pitch to a panel of qualified industry leaders. A more in-depth schedule will be released soon!

The time commitment is ~15 hours a week for the two week program.

It’s a simple form asking you about your interest in social entrepreneurship—you can check it out here. We’re looking for passionate students willing to work hard on solving the world’s challenges over winter break!

Any Harvard College student can apply!

If you already have a group of people you want to work with, no problem! Apply separately and we’ll match you with the appropriate people before the program begins. If you don’t have a team, we’ll match you based on having diverse skillsets and similar interests.

After project teams present their ideas to our judges, we’ll select a few winning ideas and provide funding up to $200 to support the continued development of their innovative ideas.


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