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What will SWEs do? Why apply to be a SWE?

Software engineers are the firepower of the whole project. In teams of 3-5, they write code to build the social impact project and are the ones building the infrastructure and backbone. SWEs have a unique chance to develop project experience (looks great for recruiting), effect real-world change, and learn the best programming practices. Especially in the context of Harvard's more theoretical CS department, joining Tech for Social Good as a SWE involves applying that knowledge into action. Additionally, because Tech for Social Good is a new HCS initiative, SWEs would be influential in shaping the direction of the initiative and its long-term vision.

What are the types of projects I'll work on as a SWE?

There are two project types that we'll have for the fall:

  1. Nonprofit sourced: we're currently in the client sourcing phase, developing high-level project ideas for potential partnerships with a number of nonprofits working in international development, child abuse, and disability research. Two of our mulitple projects in the works are:
  2. Student driven for Harvard: we want to empower Harvard students to build products with their own vision. Specifically, we will be developing a central Harvard community platform, where students can learn about and access resources from across Harvard's many channels.

What are the responsibilites and expected commitments of SWEs?

  • Write full-stack web and app development code.
  • Collaborate with project team to develop high-level vision.
  • Communicate with PM on any questions and blockers.
  • Attend weekly meetings with project team and PMs to check in on progress and discuss next steps.
  • Attend (roughly) bi-weekly community building events with project teams (bi-weekly here means once every two weeks btw).
  • Dedicate at least 5-7 hours/week.

What's the timeline of the interview process?

Round Description Date
Initial Application Resume drop + short questions 9/12/2020 11:59PM ET
Interviews Behavioral + technical interviews 9/13/2020 - 9/20/2020

Should I apply?

We encourage anybody interested in software engineering and social impact to apply! You'll gain valuable software engineering skills as well as join a community of other students who are passionate about leveraging tech to do good. Also, it's definitely okay if you don't have experience—we want to empower you to become an incredible SWE!

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