Creating Change

We amplify the impact of nonprofits and social-impact organizations by working closely with clients to understand their mission and create technology solutions to build a better future. We understand that technology and social good are often misaligned, and we focus on need finding and human-centered design to ensure our projects are impactful.

Iterative Development

We have an agile development process in which we develop features in modular chunks to ensure that the project exceeds expectations and adapts to any rapidly-evolving, on-the-ground changes.

Empowering Students

Tech for Social Good students are among the most driven and most technically-capable computer science students on Harvard's campus. We empower them to turn the theoretical concepts they learn in class to make a positive impact in the real world, either through working on a project for a nonprofit or through working on their own socially impactful idea.

About Us

Harvard Tech for Social Good is part of Harvard Computer Society (HCS), Harvard's largest technology organization, as an initiative to provide a hub for Computer Science students to make a tangible differences in the world's challenges.

Software engineers

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Engineering impact

UX designers

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Designing change