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We leverage Harvard talent to partner with nonprofits, government agencies, and social impact organizations to amplify their impact through technology.

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We know social impact work is resource-constrained, and we want to use tech to help you.

We're Harvard students passionate about leveraging computer science to make a difference, and we work with social impact organizations to understand their needs and develop products that effectively tackle their challenges. We understand that technology and social good are often misaligned, and we focus on need finding and human-centered design to ensure our projects are impactful.

Human-centered design

We use human-centered design principles to better understand our end user and make sure that we address their needs not just claim to.

Semester-long engagements

We commit a team of passionate students, including a Project Manager, a UX Designer, and 3-5 Software Engineers for 12 week long engagements.


We recruit members not just for their technical capacity and problem-solving ability, but for their passion for impact and drive to make a positive difference.


Do you want to increase the impact of your work?

Here's what we can do for you.

Prototyping a new product

We can build a substantial first draft of a product over the course of a semester for you to test new ideas and potential expansion. We worked with a nonprofit to pilot an internal employee management tool.

Adding a new feature

We can build off of your existing code base to add in an impactful new feature. We worked with a nonprofit to add a backend admin interface to effectively manage their content.

Improving your current product

We can understand the current issues with your product and develop the necessary features to better serve the end user. We worked with a nonprofit to help their webapp be more accessible by their target audience.

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Project Highlight

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Audiopedia is a women's empowerment nonprofit working to democratize health information access for illiterate rural women. They were part of Wikimedia's UNLOCK Accelerator and now are working with the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development to scale their work and impact.

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"Tech for Social Good helped our NGO by designing and developing a complete new digital infrastructure for our global education project. We were particularly impressed by how quickly the team fully understood our problem and about the foresight with which the solution was developed. The result will allow us to scale our impact dramatically by using a decentralized and flexible platform structure. We can recommend Tech for Social Good to every organization that is looking for a creative, forward-looking and professional development of their software project in line with their mission."


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